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Twinergy Party Design is a locally-owned business serving clients in Long Beach, Lakewood, CA and the surrounding areas.

Whether you're celebrating a wedding, kids party, or social get together, we specialize in uniquely designed parties, that bring your vision to life.

Let us help you throw a party your guests will never forget, because we know execution can be daunting. Brainstorming, researching and sourcing take time. Life is busy and sometimes, it just feels as if there are never enough hours in the day. Maybe you know what you like, but don't know how to pull it all together. That's where we step in to provide our expertise, creativity and energy for whatever your project may be. Please contact us today for more info and we'll create a package just for you.


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If you want to celebrate something special like a wedding, family meet up or possibly a kid’s birthday party, you have to plan everything in advance so your event may be successful. However, most people who have tried to prepare for such an event have realized that designing for such parties is not really an easy task. This is why it is far better that you just hire an authority in party services. Twinergy Party Design takes the pleasure of turning your dream party in to a reality. All you have to do is give us a call today so we will help you develop a unique designed party.

Our Service Package.

Many people have different ideas and tastes when it comes to style and decorations. For this reason it really is to create up a brief decision regarding what is the best for a party. Whether you want to policy for a birthday celebration or perhaps a graduation party, we will assistance with any project by offering you with a flexible package.

Wedding Design Party.

Every wedding is special and the bride and also the groom want something they along with their guests will remember for a long time. That is why you require a specialist that will help you with designing the wedding party. Twinergy Party Design will ensure that every detail is on point out turn the ideal wedding into reality.

Kids Parties.

Kids’ parties are never very easy to organize. Especially when it is the initial time to arrange for this sort of event. You must discover what kids like to help you know of methods to develop this kind of party. However, through the help of a skilled team, you can be assured your kids could have an enjoyable and memorable party. All you want do is provide us with a few information on your young ones like what their age is and the number of kids you would like to host for the event.

Why Hire Twinergy Party Design.

Twinergy Party Design has been offering party services for a long period. We take the time to focus on each project by spending some time to analyze the important points of your event and research of what is needed to execute what clients expect. Our success over time has risen our confidence so you are guaranteed quality services.

One other reason as to why you might want to work together with us is always that we provide you with party services at an affordable cost. We provide different packages to our own clients giving you the privilege of getting a package that is affordable. Each package holds something great and our customers are taken with the processes that take part in each package.

Serving Clients In CA, Lakewood, Long Beach, And Surrounding Areas.

Our services are accessible to local clients who live in CA, Lakewood, Long Beach, And also the surrounding areas. If you leave in any one of these places or near these areas, you may contact us to assist you to will your event.


Twinergy party design is dedicated to making the ideal possible. Give us a call today for free quotes and much more info.

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