Kid Parties

Whether you're looking for a simple rental for a, childs birthday, afternoon playdate, or a family fun day, starting off with our Jumper Party Package is definitley the way to go. They eliminate the hassle of figuring out the basics that you'll need and also let you add on additional items at a discounted rate vs a la carte prices.

Custom Packages

Any package can be tailored to your party size (larger or smaller). You want an upgrade to a jumper with problem. Also adding on essentials like a canopy, dessert table, or food machine will give your event just that extra ooh la la. Please contact us today for more info and we'll create a package just for you.

Bounce House Packages
JUMPER PARTY PACKAGE 1 - $89 Includes:
  • Standard Jumper
  • 3 Rectangular Tables
  • 18 Chairs
  • add 10x10 Pop Up Tent for $35
JUMPER PARTY PACKAGE 2 - $149 Includes:
  • Standard Jumper
  • 6 Rectangular Tables
  • 6 Table Linens (white/black, Addition fee for colors)
  • 36 Chairs
JUMPER PARTY PACKAGE 3 - $189 Includes:
  • Standard Jumper
  • 10x20 Tent
  • 5 tables
  • 30 chairs
  • add table linens for $4ea